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Horse Show Bows

Shorty Horse Show Bows - Shorty Classic in Blue


Equestrian hair bows, girl rider, leadline, short stirrup, pony hunter, English horse shows, equitation classes. Equestrian gift. Beautiful w navy blue jacket.

These bows can also be made slightly larger as Shorty 4x4s (approximately 4" wide with 4" tails) or in the larger standard size (approximately 4 1/2" wide with 5 1/4" tails) If you would like a larger size, you must leave instructions with your order. If I do not receive instructions, bows as pictured will be sent.

Bows sold two to a set. There are two bows in one set. You will need one set of bows for two braids. Your choice:  either elastic loops or French barrettes clip the bows to the tip of each braid.

Bow's Name: SHORTY - Classic in Blue

Approximately 3 1/2" wide

Tails approximately 3 1/2" long

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