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Horse Show Bows

Equestrian Hair Bows - Blue Wildcat


Horse show bows, gorgeous with navy blue jacket. Short stirrup, childrens ponies, pony hunter classes. Classy, unique. One that garners MANY compliments, a real attention-getter. Also available in pink.  It's just one of those bows (like people) that doesn't photograph well but is a wall-a-paloozza in person.  Really!

I love making bows sturdy enough to last several seasons.  I love girls collecting my bows and having fun making choices as they plan their outfits. Most of our girls are not "girly-girls." They traded dolls and doll clothes for ponies and lessons. Choosing bows, coordinating outfits before the show is the most "girly-girl" we get and I love it. Even so, some of "my" girls wore these bows with their holiday party dresses. 

Bows sold in matching pairs.  There are two bows in one set.  You will need 1 set of bows for 2 braids.  French clips attach the bows to each braid.

Name of Bow: Blue Wildcat

Approximately 4 3/4" wide

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