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Beautiful Equestrian Hair Bows

Quality Horse Show Bows

Show Bows with Sparkle Glitter

The Largest Selection Anywhere

Bowdangles Horse Show Bows - leadline bows, short stirrup bows, hunter pony bows for girls competing at English horse shows -- have been purchased by thousands of Horse Show Moms wanting the best for their daughters, just like you, using this website.  But if Etsy is your thing, that's ok.   will take you to Bowdangles Show Bows on Etsy.  Not so many bows there but if find some you like here and they aren't on Etsy, let me know and I'll make that happen. 

My email address is  [email protected]  

In the meantime, Have Fun and Stay Cool!    Elaine

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Hi! I'm Elaine Moore. My eye-catching equestrian hair bows dance in the flat and soar over jumps. They're seen at Pony Finals, Wellington, HITS, WIF, rated shows and local shows. What's important to me is that you and your daughter are happy. I believe Bowdangles Girls have the prettiest smiles and my Show Moms are the best in the world. Whether you are just starting out or experienced at the shows, I hope you'll take time to visit my shop.

Over 700 bows here -- the largest selection anywhere -- separated into sections by color and design to make shopping quicker and easier for you.  To get started, go to Horse Show Bows.

Hint:  Scroll fast!  The bows meant for your daughter or granddaughter will jump out at you.  Put those in your cart. If you are busy or overwhelmed by all you need to accomplish, buy that one pair now.  You can shop for more later.  I can combine orders and reimburse shipping and do it all the time!  You are not a problem or an inconvenience.  

I am a former Show-Grandma and know what you are going through.  I am here for you.  It's important to me that you have fun and that your daughter or granddaughter wears the bows that make her sit the proudest and smile the brightest -- Bowdangles Horse Show Bows!

Bowdangles Horse Show Bows make the best memories possible.

"We get compliments every time we show, including from the judge! These are our 7th set."

"My daughter has 9 sets of bows from Elaine, each one more beautiful than the next. I'm always WOWED when I open the box. The attention to detail is flawless! These bows are a work of art. My daughter is in leadline and has placed Champion in her 4 shows wearing Bowdangles Horse Show Bows."

"I get compliments on my daughter's bows at every show. She always wears the prettiest ones. Elaine goes above and beyond to provide beautiful hand made bows, responds quickly to convos and is willing to customize. Also lightning fast shipping. Received my order in 3 days! Very happy customer!"

Choose from over 700 bows.

Bows in sections -- colors, patterns, collections.

Here's a few quick links.  

Hamilton Bows

Hamilton Bows

New and Unique

Mailed same or next day depending on when order is received. Bows change daily as orders are placed and bows fly to their new young riders.

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Blue Show Bows

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For special shows or those who just plain like fancy. Check 'em out! Bows that need to be made, usually take 7 - 10 days (more during busy show or holiday seasons) before they are mailed.

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Pony Show Bows

Eye-catching bows!

All 700+ divided into sections, grouped by color, patterns, collections including PONY and UNICORN bows. Bows that need to be made, usually take 7 - 10 days (more during busy show or holiday seasons) before they are mailed.

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What you can expect in the mail after you order:

  • Smiles (hugs)  from your daughter or granddaughter because you have shown her the support and positive reinforcement she needs to help her with the extraordinarily difficult task of riding a pony in a show ring.  What she's doing is not easy.  What you're doing is not easy either.  Let me help.   Shop Now!

Imagine how happy you and your daughter will be with new Bowdangles Horse Show Bows. You worked hard to get your daughter ready to show. New jacket, new blouse, new bows! Shop now!